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A nna Rose Farm is an Earth-friendly 10 acre farm established in 2006, and located in the heart of Willamette Valley, Oregon. The Farm follows many Permaculture principles, “working with nature to create abundance,” and “reduces waste and excessive consumption of the Earth’s resources.”

G razing management and no antibiotics or hormones in our breeding or feeding program ensures our meat is the leanest and healthiest available for your family. Fed pasture grass in the summer, and local hay and alfalfa in the winter you are rest assured our animals are healthy and well cared for.

W e rotate our small heard of sheep through a total of 9 paddocks, raising them in a natural and stress-free environment. 

O ur registered Romney sheep are available for breeding, fiber and we have show quality lambs with excellent blood lines available on a periodic basis. We also raise pedigreed Angora rabbits which are available for breeding and as fiber animals.

S easonally we also have 100% USDA Inspected lamb, Angora rabbit fiber, wool products, yarn and fleeces. Our fleeces are especially excellent for spinning or felting, roving and outerwear. Angora fiber is 20 times warmer than wool but much lighter when made into scarves, sweaters and other clothing. We also have gorgeous long wool hides for romantic fireplaces or dramatic decorating in your home.