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We believe our efforts to sustainably raise foods and products is the key to healthy families and a better planet. Using Organic, Natural and Permaculture Principles we strive to produce delicious lamb and strong natural fiber products (“The Ethical Basis of Permaculture: 1. Care of the Earth…2. Care of People…3. Setting Limits to Population and Consumption…)



We accomplish our goals by raising healthy animals on good pasture, local hays and grains. We use a rotational pasture grazing method in addition to butchering at USDA inspected facilities, Marks Meats in Canby and Mohawk Meats in Springfield. We also raise French Angora rabbits; meat and pet quality rabbits.


Locally Grown

In today’s world it is important to value locally grown food and products. Not only are you assured of the highest quality but locally grown food makes our community more sustainable and impacts the environment in the least possible way.